Do You Even Bootcamp!?® Butler is operated by Michelle Sibley and operates out of the Kingsbridge Park Amphitheatre and Brampton Park and in Butler WA 6036!

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Before starting out in health and fitness Michelle worked in the oil and gas sector. In 2017 she decided to take the plunge and change her career! She had been thinking about it for some time as she wanted to put her own passion for health and fitness to good use, helping people to live more active and healthier lifestyles.

Michelle enjoys taking part in military obstacle style events and also loves training in Muay Thai. She is keen to continue her personal and professional development in the health and fitness industry. She is always looking for opportunities for study and experiences to further improve her knowledge and skills, as well as maintaining a keen interest in new health and fitness research.


All classes run for one hour including warm up and cool down.

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To find out more about our Butler club or to activate your FREE TRIAL, contact Michelle using the form below: