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Have you got stuck in a rut? Do you need help with your nutrition? Making a comeback after time out from training? Just starting out on your fitness journey? Need routine and accountability? Want support but with flexibility?

My Basic Training could be just what you need! Join the next intake to benefit from a structured yet flexible way to improve your health and fitness.

My Basic Training is not a ‘challenge’ in which you’re competing to see who can lose the screen shot 2019-01-17 at 21.12.31most weight! Followed by ‘rewarding’ yourself after the challenge period is over, which often means ending up back where you started… or worse!

During a 4 or 6-week period of ‘Basic Training’ you will learn some new habits that can lead to sustainable life-time changes in how you think about staying active and eating healthily. It is not a fad or a quick fix to an isolated problem. Underpinned by the Steps Co methodology, it encourages positive behavior patterns and a pragmatic, balanced way of living a healthy and happy life!


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