Do You Even Bootcamp!?™ provides a wide range of outdoor fitness classes to suit all ages, demographics and current levels of fitness.

Our trainers are all highly motivated and energetic people who are passionate about helping you take your fitness to the next level! We help you to understand your goals, and then we can work together to enable you to achieve them.

“I’m there for the trainers! Exercise is really tough unless you have someone you’re confident in that will be there to go through your journey with you and know that you will get results. Another great thing is having all those new faces going through the same thing with you for different reasons. Everyone has got a different story and that’s another thing that keeps it interesting and beautiful. I love the outdoors environment because its a refreshing and positive atmosphere. It gives me a chance to get away from toxic environments and is a chance for clear air.”


All of our classes are one hour long including warm-up and cool down.


screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-18-52-53BOOTCAMP CARDIO. A mixture of running and bootcamp exercises designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and stamina. Suitable for everybody!

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-18-56-12BOOTCAMP TONING. Using dumbbells, bands, balls and body weight! These classes will improve muscle definition and all round strength.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-19-05-37BOOTCAMP BOXFIT. An all round workout that combines boxing moves with some cardio. With the added benefit of working out the stresses of the day!

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-19-05-45 CORE STABILITY. Supports our bootcamp fitness by building stability and strength through a combination of pilates-style moves and core body exercises.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-18-52-53RUN CLUB. An early morning run that caters for all abilities, focusing on building endurance and confidence.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 22.34.31    SATURDAY BOOTCAMP. Something a bit different… something challenging… something for everyone!


We operate six days per week at Anthony Waring Park and Riverlink Park in Clarkson, WA 6030 offering a variety of membership packages and payment methods to suit you (with no fixed term contract…!). Contact us to today find out more and activate your  TWO WEEKS FREE training offer.

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