About Us

James and Becci Clarke are the co-founders of

Do You Even Bootcamp!

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James had a successful career as a systems engineer but decided to re-qualify as a personal trainer in 2014 as he wanted to do something that he really believed in. He is passionate about all round health and fitness and is constantly promoting the mental health benefits of exercise, as well as the physical. James has worked in many areas of the fitness industry gaining valuable skills and experience along the way. But group fitness is his passion and he now owns and runs Do You Even Bootcamp!? in Clarkson. He is also very active in the local community, working with local primary schools, businesses, and health facilities.

James is constantly pursuing his own health and fitness goals too! He has participated in many endurance events – running, cycling and triathlon – and is currently training to compete in the Bussleton Ironman 70.3! He continues his professional development too, currently studying for a Diploma in Nutrition to enable him to provide even more value to his clients.

James is the Lead Trainer at Do You Even Bootcamp!? in Clarkson, a fitness mentor, and the inspiration behind the health and fitness information we use and share!

Becci started her professional career in the UK Army, serving a total of 10 years on home soil and overseas. Since leaving military service she has been a business consultant working for large government and private sector organisations; an independent workshop facilitator designing and delivering a large variety of events; a member of private company, charity and school boards; and has been the key component in the development and growth of several businesses across a range of industries.

Becci’s exposure to the world of fitness began during her military career; through the gruelling physical challenges that the Army demands, as well as choosing to be involved in outdoor training activities such as skiing, kayaking and mountaineering. Her passion for exercise and health has developed steadily ever since. She was a 1st Team rower for her college at Oxford University, has run the London Marathon twice, many half marathons and shorter distance events, and now loves nothing more than being out on the trails of WA running or riding her bike!

Becci takes care of the business side of Do You Even Bootcamp!? and is a driving force in the development of new and innovative ways to offer the benefits of what we do to as many people as possible!

And we are supported by an awesome team of people! Trainers, business and marketing professionals, mentors and willing volunteers to love to share their experiences and passion for what we do. We are always looking for new people to join us so get in touch if you fancy being part of the Do You Even Bootcamp!?team!