Other Services

We want to reach more people, in more locations and from all demographics. To do this we have expanded the services we offer, to bring more opportunities for you to discover the value of bootcamp-style fitness, accompanied by a whole range of other ways to live healthy and happy.


Encouraging sustainable changes in how we think about staying active and healthy long-term – both physically and mentally – any time, anywhere! Healthy body, healthy mind.


Improving workplace culture and performance by focusing on increasing individual positivity, self-esteem and resilience. Healthy people, healthy company.


Supporting people who may ordinarily not be able to access our kind of services to flourish through health and fitness, either directly or through not-for-profit partners. We’re better together.


Putting the personal into training, our individual and bespoke small group packages will motivate, educate and support you to achieve your specific goals, tailored to fit into your unique life! Investing in the best you.


We do the thinking so you can focus on running! Individualised, data-driven running plans with the coaching and mental support that will get you to where you want to be. We run because we can.