Ellie Jones


Ellie’s active lifestyle and dedication to yoga has led her on an interesting path of self-discovery. She has been practicing yoga for over seven years and was recently guided to travel to India to obtain her 200 hour teacher accreditation in Traditional Akhanda Yoga.

Ellie has a strong passion for the unique practice of Acro yoga which has led her to the Ninja Academy where she works part time. She regularly helps assist Acro yoga classes there, as well as at the Cirquest Circus school. She has been involved in Acro classes and in workshops in Perth and Indonesia, and continues to seek out every opportunity to develop her acrobatic skills.Ellie2

Working three years at a local family herbal clinic, Dunns Herbal Farm, has also given Ellie extensive knowledge on natural herbal medicines and therapies. She lives a happy life full of fitness with a holistic approach to health, also adopting meditation and conscious healthy eating into her daily routine. When she is not practising Yoga or Acro, Ellie spends her time riding motorbikes, 4 x 4 driving, boating, being a pirate and the occasional sneaky trip away to go snowboarding!

Let Ellie take you on an adventure of self-belief and joy using movement, harmony of breath work, meditation and mindful intentions. Leave her class with your energies balanced, feeling aligned with your inner higher power.


Classes are on TUESDAYS at 6pm in Clarkson. 

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