Do You Even Bootcamp!?® Kitbag

A new era in fitness business ownership!

Average industry drop-out rate is less than 12 months!

There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path…

Don’t allow yourself to be one of them!


Welcome to the Do You Even Bootcamp!?® Kitbag Partnership application process. Our mantra is “We’re better together!” and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with as many like-minded people as possible. So welcome to our world!

One of the main reasons that fitness businesses fail is that trainers massively underestimate how hard it is going to be to succeed


The Do You Even Bootcamp!?® Bootcamp Business KITBAG is everything you need to start your own bootcamp business – a powerful brand, business coaching and practical startup assistance, fitness mentoring, marketing materials, web and social media presence, equipment, lesson plans, a network of industry contacts and peer support, event planning… and much much more…

Give yourself the best start!


✓ Are you just starting out on your professional fitness journey and wondering what to do?

✓ Have you been a trainer for a while but are disillusioned with what you’re doing?

✓ Are you wanting to avoid/get out of the gym PT circuit?

✓ Do you want to own your own business but nervous about how to begin?

✓ Are you worried about having no reputation or track record to draw clients in?

✓ Are you nervous about marketing… branding… sales targets… campaigns… promotions… ?

✓ Are you uninspired by finances… admin… newsletters… advertising… ?

✓ Do you recognise the benefit of peer support to help build confidence and your business?

✓ Do you want to control your own income potential?

✓ Do you want to control your work/life balance and manage your own time?

✓ Do you want to launch a business but don’t have a large amount of capital investment?

✓ Do you want flexibility with no tie-in contracts?

✓ Do you want to work with honest, hard-working people who genuinely want you to succeed?

✓ Do you want to reduce your business risks?

✓ Do you want to be part of something great!?!!

If you have answered YES to any one of these questions then it could be worth having a chat with us. If you have answered YES to more than one of these questions then you really need to have a chat with us!

We have launched successful businesses all over the world and we are fitness industry professionals running our own exciting bootcamp! We want to help you launch yours!




…to find out more about our Kitbag partnership opportunities!