Well done, you have completed your My Basic Training program!

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Food prep and exercise all in one! Winning!

It is now time to spend a few minutes reflecting on what you have learned. Make sure you complete your exit questionnaire as soon as you can. This is a really important final step in this phase of your health and fitness journey! Once you have, we will compile your final report!

But remember… THIS IS NOT THE END!!!

The My Basic Training program encourages positive behaviour patterns and teaches healthy habits for the long term. It aims to achieve a sustainable way to live more healthily. It is not a fad diet or a quick fix to an isolated issue. Our aim was to arm you with a set of tools and some knowledge to enable to you to shape your own healthy, happier life!


Yes we have said it again! What makes this training package different from most online tools of this nature is that it is not a challenge. The goal wasn’t to lose as much weight as you can in the weeks you are in the program. We deliberately didn’t give you a meal by meal instruction sheet on every single thing you should eat. We wanted you to think!

Download this poster to print and stick on your fridge: 

My Healthy Habits

PLEASE DO IT! It will remind you of your new way of life and help to keep you on track!

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit. This is probably about right, as long as all you want to do is drink a glass of water after breakfast (which incidentally is an AWESOME habit to form!). Anything harder is likely to take longer to become a really strong habit, and, in the case of some activities, much longer. Please don’t use this as an excuse, but be realistic and don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped to! You can always do it again!

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Seriously though… do it again! There is no limit to how many times you can participate in My Basic Training.

Reinforce. You can go straight at it again next intake! Maybe you didn’t finish it all this time… or you got it good at the start, but then life took over and you didn’t quite make it…

Reflect. Or take a break, reflect on your progress, and try again in a few months with renewed commitment and ggggrrrrr to get it done!

Maintain. Or perhaps commit yourself to taking part once every 6 months, or once a year, to refocus your mind and keep yourself nicely on track. You will learn new things every time we promise you that. And of course, the habit-forming process will be reinforced each time too!

It has been a pleasure having you on board for the journey 🙂

You can sign up HERE!

Feel free to share the love with your friends and family 🙂

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