Body Weight Exercises


Start out in a low squat position with hands on the floor. Kick the feet back to a push-up position, complete one push-up, then immediately return the feet to the squat position. Leap up as high as possible before squatting and moving back into the push-up position.

Modified Burpee

For those of you who need to modify the burpee, you can walk your feet back instead of kicking them back, and don’t jump at the end of each burpee.


Stand with your feet parallel or turned out slightly.  Slowly start to crouch by bending the hips and knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure the heels do not rise off the floor. Press through the heels to return to a standing position. Make sure you keep your back straight and the top half of your body upright.

Squat Jump

Conduct a squat as above, but when you return to the standing upright position, quickly explode into the air for maximum height. In mid-air, your body should be as straight as possible. Land straight into the squat position and pause for a moment before repeating.


With hands shoulder-width apart, keep the feet flexed at hip distance apart and tighten your core. Bend the elbows until the chest reaches the ground, and then push back up. Make sure to keep the elbows tucked close to the body.

Pushup – Modified

As above, except that you can start with your knees on the floor to modify the exercise.


Lie on your back with your knees bent to about a 90-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. Position your chin down slightly and peel your head and shoulders off the mat while engaging your core. Continue curling up until your upper back is off the mat and you’re in a sitting position. Hold briefly, then lower your torso back to the mat slowly.

Tricep Dip

Position your hands shoulder-width apart on a secured bench or stable chair. Slide your bottom off the front of the bench with your legs extended straight out in front of you. Straighten your arms, keeping a little bend in your elbows to keep the tension on your triceps and off your elbow joints. Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body toward the floor until your elbows are at about a 90-degree angle. Be sure to keep your back close to the bench. Once you reach the bottom of the movement, press down into the bench to straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position.

Tricep Dip – Modified

As above, but you can bend your legs to modify this exercise.


Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Step your right leg forward and slowly lower your body until your left (back) knee is close to or touching the floor and bent at least 90 degrees. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

Lunge Jump

Stand with your feet together and lunge forward with the right foot as above. Instead of stepping back though, jump straight up, propelling the arms forward while keeping the elbows bent. While in the air, switch legs and land in the lunge position with the opposite leg forward. Repeat and continue switching legs.

Leg Raises

Lie flat on your back with your legs stretched out in front of you and your hands flat under your bottom. Keeping your legs straight, raise them until your feet are pointed at the ceiling. Slowly lower your legs back to the start position without letting your feet touch the floor and repeat.

Mountain Climbers

Starting on your hands and feet in the plank position, bring the left foot forward directly under the chest while keeping the right leg straight. Keeping your hands on the ground and core tight, jump and switch legs. The left leg should now be extended behind the body with the right knee forward.

Jumping Jacks

Stand up straight, holding your arms at your sides and feet shoulder width. Jump up, extending your arms overhead and your legs outward. Jump again to land back in the starting position.

Tuck Jumps

Standing with your knees slightly bent and arms next to your body, jump up as high as you can whilst bringing your knees in toward the chest and extending your arms straight out. Land with your knees slightly bent and quickly jump again for the next exercise.

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