Food Pitfalls!

meals-300x300Food mistakes What nutrition pitfalls should we be aware of falling into?!!

Training at Do You Even Bootcamp!?™ is absolutely a great step to make on your health and fitness journey!!! But no matter how awesome our workouts are, there’s more to achieving what you want than exercise alone. No amount of hard training can make up for an unhealthy diet and proper nutrition is a critical factor in reaching your fitness goals. In this short article we’re looking at some of the common nutrition mistakes that people make and why you need to avoid them.

(1) Avoiding fat. Of course an excess of fatty foods will cause you to gain weight and will put unnecessary extra pressure on many of your bodily functions. But there are some really important good fats that your body needs to aid in brain development and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Fat also provides acids that our bodies need but cannot produce on their own. The key is to try and eat “good” fatty foods like avocado, salmon and nuts.

(2) Steering clear of certain foods altogether. While some foods are clearly more beneficial to us than others, banishing certain foods completely is a mistake that lots of people make. As with so many things its all about balance… If somebody eats half a dozen chocolate bars a day, does no exercise and eats no fruit or vegetables, is all that chocolate bad for them? Yes it probably is. But if a person is training regularly, eating a well balanced nutritious diet and has the occasional chocolate treat, is that chocolate bad? I doubt it! Same goes for dairy, carbs or anything else. Trying to ban food groups altogether can lead to irresistible cravings and overindulgence… so perhaps try limiting yourself instead!

(3) Relying on multi-vitamins and other tablets. Whilst supplements can pack a lot of 1 (1).jpgessential vitamins into one little capsule, they should be just that – supplements! Taken only when absolutely necessary. Don’t believe the hype that the booming supplement market would have you buy into. Nothing can replace the value of real food and real nutrients. If you are worried you’re lacking certain vitamins or minerals then have a chat with us as there is a food for everything and we will be able to give you some ideas! If in doubt – eat real food, and know what you’re eating!

(4) Forgetting to refuel! We tend to be fairly comfortable with needing to fuel our Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 08.04.23exercise – so we have a big training session or event coming up and hopefully we think to prepare for it by making sure we have eaten enough to be able to do our best! But often we forget to re-fuel afterwards. Rigorous exercise depletes our reserves and they need to be replaced to keep us healthy and performing well – both physically and mentally.


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