Drink drink drink!

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 20.21.37.pngHow often do you feel thirsty? So we all know that we need to drink water to stay alive… hopefully we do anyway. So the first big reason to drink plenty of water is that without it we will die! Pretty quickly too. In approximately 3 days.

Most people know to drink more water in hot weather and after exercise, but are you drinking enough? Do you realise that by the time you feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated and that feeling of thirst is your body crying out for help. So drink even when you don’t feel thirsty as by the time you do your body has lost between 2 to 5 cups of water.

Our bodies are made up of about 70% water and that means that when we get Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 20.12.05dehydrated – and most of us become dehydrated to some degree every day, sometimes for most of the day – we are having a negative impact on the performance of the majority of our body and our minds. All of our systems rely on water to make them function properly and without proper water intake they can’t do their job to the best of their ability.

There are other interesting facts about water that you may not know – and if you do, it can’t hurt to be reminded!

Health. Research has shown that drinking plenty of water can help to prevent cancer, reduce headaches, and minimise joint pain by keeping the cartilage soft and hydrated.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 20.19.31.pngToxins. It also keeps your gut healthy by flushing out waste and bacteria. Toxins are flushed out of our bodies in our urine and sweat. If we don’t drink enough water, we don’t flush out all the waste and it collects in our bodies. As you can imagine this can cause a whole world of problems!

Tiredness. How often do you feel sluggish and weak, even if you have had a good night’s sleep? Even mild dehydration can quickly lead to this feeling of weariness and fatigue. This is frustrating while just trying to do the normal chores and activities that fill our days. But if we are trying to exercise then our performance will be severely affected as approximately 75% of our muscle tissue is made up of water.

Concentration. Unable to concentrate? When you are dehydrated your attention and concentration can decrease by 13% and short-term memory by 7%!

Hunger. Feeling peckish, snacking all the time? Have a glass of cold water when you start to feel hungry. People often confuse mild feelings of thirst with mild hunger and eat when they should be drinking. Eat more fruit and vegetables too as they are 80-90% water.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 20.11.46.png

Complexion. Another part of our bodies that relies heavily on water to stay healthy is our skin. Dehydrated skin looks older. A really healthy glow can be achieved by consuming the right amount of water, ensuring good colour and texture and that new skin cells can regenerate. So water is the ultimate beauty product! Drink lots to keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant!

Mood. There are so many more great water facts that we could share but the final benefit that we want to mention here is that drinking lots of water can make you less cranky! Yes, it really can! Studies have shown that dehydration can really affect your mood, making you grumpy and confused. Hmmmm, can we look honestly at ourselves and find examples of when this may have been the case…?!

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So what’s to stop you! Aim to drink at least 8 glasses (approx 2 litres) per day, plus more when you exercise, and you will quickly start to feel the benefits.

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